Who's creating your image?

Your online presence is a broad landscape requiring constant attention. It’s no longer a “build it and forget it” form of marketing. An accurate, professional website combined with active social media is the number one way to engage your customers directly, in a focused and controlled manner.

However, this requires a plan and continuous monitoring.  With all the demands of running a business, managing your online presence easily gets pushed aside. Your website is the portal to the world and keeps your customers connected to all the detailed information about your brand. Adding a commitment to social media is key to continued growth.

By posting unique, engaging content on social media, you can give new customers a “taste” of what they can expect and create the desire for more. Digital Media Design can create that image through standard channels or with additional services including blogging, photography and time lapse video.

Your total online image is your brand.  It is being created everyday, not only with your posts, but the posts of others.  The more of that brand in your control, the more you will benefit.

I look forward to working with you to build your brand!

Darryl DahlComment