The Power of Blogging


What is it?

Simply put it's a weB LOG of entries filled with text, images, & video. Companies often blog about upcoming events, industry news, company updates, and their community.


How do you do it?

DMDesign sites can easily add a blog and integrate it within pages of your site as well as post blog entries to your social media accounts.


Why blog?

In addition to being an excellent way to keep your content in front of your audience. Blogs help improve your site's search engine performance!

Blogs are extremely simply ways to keep your website current, relevant and in the face of your patrons. Restaurants use them to share specials, events or exciting news. Community organizations use them to promote area businesses, member activities and fundraisers. Event sites can promote new attractions, important dates, and event updates. The possibilities are endless and process is easier than you imagine. 

Darryl DahlComment