What comes first?

➢ Busy carpenters never seem to complete their home improvement.
➢ Cleaning professionals often do not apply the same standards at home that they do for their customers.
➢ Writers are years behind on their novel but up to date with their assignments.

So it goes with designers. Our work comes last to that of our clients. I have a great many projects in mind that I need to give time to, but I must prioritize the work of those who have hired me.

Top on that list of projects, is this site, my own space on the web. How can I promote building your online image when the condition of my own is in disarray. Honestly, I cannot. So as you can see by the time on this post, I'm prioritizing my site late into the night. 

As I tinker my design, giving it the same attention I would give to yours, you will notice things may look off from time to time. I will keep the site live so if you check in, there will be changes as well some areas of partial completion. 

I trust I have your understanding while this happens, and I appreciate your patience. For too long I've allowed my online image to be "good enough" while building up that of others and it is time to show my space that same passion to #BeYourBest.

Darryl Dahl
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