Cheap Value

How much revenue is cheap costing you?

Trust me, I understand the importance of the bottom line. Expenses are a focus because that's where we feel the impact, but what about the revenue side? Let's talk about the real cost of discount service providers.


The 1st person to be satisfied with your site's appearance needs to be you. Do you proudly promote your website or does it merely function to hold a place on the internet? You want your site to reflect your business whether you're going for professional, elegant or explosive. 
Visitors to your site need to be engaged and impressed. You need an image that makes them want to connect with you. Let's face it, there are no shortage of websites out there, so you need to get guests to YOUR site and KEEP them on it until they connect with you.
Beyond your website, your email represents you. doesn't promote the same image as or something more personal like Many cheap providers charge extra for custom emails and justify it by calling them vanity addresses. It's your business, not a vanity.

Disappearing Savings

Your website goes beyond what's visible to guests. There are domain registrations (getting your .com), hosting (your home in the clouds), email service, file storage and more. Many service providers hook you by blasting cheap numbers like $2.99 domains only to find out that's for limited addresses, long term contracts or quick ending introductory offers. Not only that, additional services are added on with widely varying monthly fees and more "introductory offers" that leave you paying more in the long run.

Service is King

When you have your services with me, the number you call is my number. You'll talk to the same person every time. Time spent on hold, in queue or navigating menus is time you could be spending on your business. 
Downtime also costs you business in lost connections and customers. I've partnered with affiliates that promote, guarantee and deliver 99.9% uptime. I have been using these services for over 10 years and their track record has kept me a coming back to them time and time again.

Which arm will it cost you?

Now, with all that said, you're wondering just how much all this is going to cost. I can put those concerns to rest with a free consultation. I think you'll find my services fall closer to the discount provider than the over the top number in your head.