FAA Certified

Licensed Remote Pilot

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been working on getting remote pilot certification. Well, as of yesterday, I passed the knowledge exam and was issued a temporary license to operate commercially. A permanent license will be issued pending a TSA background check. Keep reading for a special offer and a link to part 2.

14 cfr part 107

I made a quick post about this on my Facebook page. Any non-recreational flight is governed by 14 CFR part 107 of the FAA regulations. This means drone based images or video that are captured directly or incidental to a business require a licensed remote pilot. The FAA has threatened jail time, imposed fines and required non-compliant content to be removed from web pages, social media and print materials. 

Beyond the Law

The certification was secondary to the fact that simply capturing aerial footage isn't enough. As a certified remote pilot, I agree to a commitment to safety in the airspace and with the equipment I use. Additionally, I have studied the drone platform in order to provide the highest quality photos and video. If necessary, I can also offer photo editing, video production, and video hosting (perfect for MLS listings). Some applications include:

Drone in flight
  • Real estate listings
  • Commercial sites
  • Construction progress
  • Residential photography
  • Structure/roof inspection
  • Cinematography
  • Advertising

Special Offer

As promised, since you've read this far, here's a bonus for you. Schedule your project before the end of April and receive 25% off all services. Contact me today to get a free quote and your discount!

Click here to see part 2.