Why Hire?

A Little Proof

If you haven't read yesterday's blog post, check it out here. (there's a special offer!) Under the beyond the law heading I discuss the benefits of my service beyond being a FAA licensed remote pilot. During a flight yesterday, I decided to demonstrate.

While researching real estate listings, I noticed a recurring issue with exterior shots taken on cloudy days. They were lacking vibrancy which is understandable considering the conditions. Wouldn't it be nice if every time you went to take pictures the sun would shine? Not happening. 

As you can see in the gallery here, I've provided four examples of a similar shot. The standard photo is what is often seen when taking pictures when it's overcast. Click the next one. 

More Than Point and Shoot

With a quick lens adjustment, the colors are improved and the photo is noticeably better. Now see the 3rd photo. 

By making an on board adjustment to the drone camera settings, the colors really pop. Despite the dreary conditions, the photo appears very lively, maybe even a touch overdone. Now the final shot. 

A couple quick edits in post production and you have the best shot. The color is more realistic than the last, the prop guards are removed from the shot and a balanced image appears. This editing is standard and included at all levels of service- no extra charge. 

Go through them again and really see the difference. 

A quick note on the prop guards. These are optional but an important safety device. On windy days it can take longer for the drone to stabilize after movement, increasing the odds of the guards being in the photo. This particular shoot was done quickly for the purpose of this demonstration. Under normal on site flying, every precaution would be taken to keep them from being in any image.