It's Time Lapse Time

Construction Season

They say Wisconsin has 2 seasons- winter and road construction, but you could drop "road" from that. This time of year, projects that were planned over the winter break ground and get underway. Time lapse is the perfect way to feature these projects whether you're building your dream house or want a marketing tool for your business. DMDesign offers complete solutions from capture to production. 

Commercial Use

The applications for Time Lapse are endless. They are a excellent way to feature an event. Chambers of Commerce use them to promote scenic areas. If you want to feature a day's work or months at a time, This format can compress time to capture your project and your audience's attention. 

Mixed Media

Maximize the impact of your video by blending Time Lapse with photography, aerial video, and music. With complete video editing available, DMDesign can create a memorable media experience. 

DIY Guys

If you just like capturing landscapes, events and other personal projects, the Brinno line of cameras are simple to use. They offer high resolution capture, weatherproof housings and a variety of accessories for making time lapse videos at home or have DMDesign do your final edits. You can find out more at

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