I didn't take the time to manage settings or focus on image quality since I was trying to get in and out the way as quickly as I could and upload them ASAP. Not sure when I'll have time to render the videos and upload but the winds didn't allow for extensive coverage this day.

We've coordinated help from the Red Cedar to Conrath (a 50 mile stretch). Everything from rakes to excavators, cookies to pallets of water and aided in sending over 3000 meals to the field for victims and volunteers with the help of everyone from Mennonites to Militiamen!

Thanks for the amazing support but remember, more help is desperately needed. To request aid, dial 211

Rough map of areas our teams have assisted.

NOT PICTURED assisted on Amacoy Lake (south of Bruce, WI) and Ladysmith family get in touch with the right people

Ojaski West Shore


Ojaski East Shore